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webcam_addicts's Journal

webcam ADDiCTS !
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hey hey, this is a community for all those people who just can't stop taking pics on their webcams! it may be pointless and stupid (well then again, maybe it does have a point), but either way it's fun! here you can post any random pics of yourself, as long as they're appropriate.

here are a few simple rules that are to be followed in this community:

1. if you post more than 4 pictures, use the lj-cut tag. <*lj-cut text="put whatever text you want here">, without the *. i know, they're a pain, but it helps the page load faster and that's always a good thing for all of us.
2. absolutely no inappropriate pictures! this isn't a porno pics community. they have other communities for things like that. so don't go taking pictures of your boobs, ass, vagina, penis, or anything like that. nobody really needs to see that.
3. be polite to others posting pics. don't go saying 'eww you're friggin nasty!', it's immature and stupid. just don't be a jackass.
4. just stay on the subject of pictures/webcams. don't start talking about your boyfriend/girlfriend or your pet dog sparky. that's what your regular lj is for.
5. be creative and post whatever you want, as long as it's appropriate. it can be funny, designed, animated, anything! :D
6. follow the rules. ;)

* this community is run by ash (lj user ash32), since 8/5/02.
* any other questions? email the moderator